InfoBridge Foundation provides partner networks and organisations a range of services:

  1. Share4Dev Knowledge Base, a multi-stakeholder, open-access knowledge and information sharing system for sustainable development.  The Share4dev Knowledge Portal can be used for expert localization, and information / knowledge sharing.  Key features are its decentralised management and Views to be used by networks and organisations to update/manage and display their own information online. The Knowledge Portal is used to address questions such as ‘Who are experts in this sector, on this topic or on this technology?’ or 'What information and knowledge is available on this topic’.  (here for more information on S4D Views)                                                            

india1 2. Capacity development & institutional development services for partners      

3. ICT4D consultancies and Projects implemented with local partners

4. Co-development of services (including ICT tools) for rural and sub-urban communities

5. Training, workshops and awareness seminars on ICT4D and knowledge management.