InfoBridge provides a range of services for partner networks, organisations and international programmes.

The Share4Dev (S4D) Knowledge Base is a unique multi-stakeholder, open-access platform for sustainable development for government agencies, development partners, NGOs, research institutes and universities, networks, companies, farmers organizations to systematically manage and share their information and knowledge. It offers a rapid and cost-effective solution so information can be found easily and support business processes for policy, planning and innovation.

For details download the Subscription S4D Knowledge Base Brochure 2017


  • Focus on content rather than ICT. Quick start without delay for a platform development. S4D is a trusted and proven platform developed for and used since 2004 by key players
  • Cost–effectiveness. Reliability-assured functioning of the platform; Ease of use; Safe and secure; Own hosting option.
  • Enhanced management, quality and access of your content. Effective finding knowledge; Unparalleled access to your information;
  • Decentralized management; Wider global exposure.
  • Flexibility. Own ‘View’ for network/organization with all information in one place. Customizing the taxonomy; Compatibility and flexibility of platform choice.

Thematic and network ‘Views’

  • Fair Price and Fair Wages with resources on Fair Price and Wages
  • ICT4D- a knowledge base on ICT for Development in Africa and Asia
  • Climate Change - with knowledge resources on climate change
  • FFSnet with information on the Farmer Field School networks in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania
  • SATNET with information of the Southern Africa Telecentre Network (SATNET)
  • TeleSupport-India with good practices on sustainable agriculture and natural resource management in India.

Cost of Subscription

  1. Basic network View: one dedicated view, network management, unlimited storage, hosting, back-ups and online support for set-up and basic management: 4,000 Euro/year
  2. View for larger networks and programmes. Network View + max 9 sub-views, network management, unlimited storage hosting, back-ups and online support for set-up and basic management: 7,500 Euro/year.

Services on request (not included in the subscription of the Views):

  • Bulk uploads of content from existing sources as databases to the S4D platform
  • Development of additional technical features of S4D in partnership mode
  • Support with setting up a local S4D system


Additional Services



  • Capacity development & institutional development services for partners
  • ICT4D consultancies and projects in collaboration with local partners
  • Co-development of services (including ICT tools) for supporting rural and sub-urban communities
  • Training, workshops and awareness seminars on ICT4D and knowledge management.



Contact details

InfoBridge Support            E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.