Programs, projects and networks can set up, customize and manage their own Knowledge base with a subscription.

Features include:
- Customized view with look and logo;  Examples of VIEWS are e.g. FFSnet and the Climate Change network
- Display only own content with all platform functionality 
- Customize the Taxonomy lists to own needs
- Network administrator rights to manage membership, and ensure the quality of the knowledge products of the network
- Back-up of data sets
- Secure and fast hosting of data with basic support to platform users
- Mobile Search

Annual subscription is 4,000 Euro/year.

On request, partners can be supported in developing additional features, setting up own systems and with training courses in managing the Knowledge base or knowledge resources

For more information please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Thematic Views of InfoBridge:

  • Fair Price and Fair Wages with resources on Fair Price and Wages applied research
  • ICT4D - a  knowledge base on ICT for Development in Africa and Asia.
  • Climate Change -  with web and knowledge resources on (global) climate change (adaptation)

Network Views of partners:

  1. FFSnet Database with specific information on the Farmer Field School networks in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.
  2. SATNET Repository with information of the Southern Africa Telecenter Network (SATNET), Zambia.
  3. TeleSupport India Repository  with good practices on sustainable agriculture and natural resource management in India.