Mr Koda Traore, Programme Coordinator ICT4D of CTA which has sponsored the study tour, said African countries can learn immensely from India’s experience in utilising ICT technologies for  community development and empowerment. He hoped that the delegates will be able to get first-hand exposure to the ways how these CSCs are operating in India during the 10-day visit and adopt some of these practices as per their requirement back home. Apart from Kerala, the team will visit two other Indian provinces – Karnataka and West Bengal.

Arun Varma, vice-president, Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Limited, who has organised the study tour, said ICT technologies are very important for accelerating economic and social development of developing nations. Countries which use ICT technologies effectively can leapfrog and attain economic development and social empowerment in a shorter timeframe than that took developed countries to prosper in the past.


Later in the day, the delegation visited a CSC in the neighbouring district of Malappuram, which was the first district in the province to initiate an e-literacy programme about eight years ago.

The delegates also met with the district administrator of Malappuram and wrapped up the day with a visit to a regional data centre, which caters to five districts in the province.