BangaloreOne official briefing delegation

The BangaloreOne centres are run on a public-private partnership model. While the government has made available space for setting up the centres, the private partner sets up the centres and manages the day-to-day running. The funds collected through transactions – each centre with 10 to 12 terminals does nearly 1,000 to 1,500 transactions a day—are deposited in a pool account to which the government has access. The operator is paid every month according to the number of transactions carried out in the previous month. The BangaloreOne officials briefed the visiting delegation about the functioning of the centres and also told them that they are constantly adding new services to the bouquet available to the public.

Meeting with Karnataka Government Officials Bob Henri Lyazi, delegate from Uganda talking at the meeting

Later in the day, the delegates participated in a high-level meeting with provincial government officials who manage various aspects of e-governance. The meeting, chaired by senior bureaucrat M N VidyaShankar, who heads the e-governance initiatives of the government, helped the delegates get a detailed account of measures undertaken by the province to put in place an e-service structure. Karnataka is the only province the country that has been using e-procurement route for inviting and executing tenders.