A Knowledge Management workshop was organized by Southern Africa Telecentre Network (SATNET) with technical support from InfoBridge Foundation as part of the support activities of TelecentresAfrica. The workshop was held in Lusaka at Lafe Hotel from 18 to 19th November 2010. The training event evolved on skills on sharing information resources and improved rural community service delivery through telecentres as well as other channels.

The two days was were divided into two parts. The first day were dedicated to the Steering Committee to review progress during 2010 and to an institutional strategic planning process for the national telecentre network in Zambia.

The training event was attended by 13 steering Committee members and over 30 telecentre representatives from all over rural Zambia. Among prominent network members present were Macha Works from Southern region, Development Organization for Peoples Empowerment, Mpulungu Multi-purpose Telecentre, Ebrain Forum of Zambia, Mporokoso Bwafwano Central Board, Tigwilizane Women’s Project and many other telecentres.

Mr. Ruud Crul, the Knowledge Management trainer of InfoBridge Foundation, shared with participants key areas of knowledge management. He introduced the participants to online Knowledge Mangement tools and how to successfully undertake information and knowledge sharing. Prominent telecentres portals were shared with the participants. The workshop also triggered interest from the two public universities in Zambia, the University of Zambia and the Copperbelt University, to explore ways how a telecentre management curriculum can be integrated to offer telecentre management certificate courses in Zambia. 

Follow-up actions needed identified by the workshop were:
-   Strengthening the Steering Committee
-   Resource Mobilization for the network
-   Telecentre Media Promotion
-   Identification of Public and Private Sector Partners
-   Identification of sectors for focus of services such as SME development, Agriculture, Health and Education

Key outputs of the workshop were:  
- Strengthened networking and knowledge sharing activities among community based telecentres particularly in the area of agriculture, environment and education
- Improved content management, dissemination and exchange among telecentres managers and practitioners
- Increased use of interaction tools for information and knowledge sharing within the national network and the regional network SATNET and the use of the SATNET Repository bringing together key information on African telecentres and the network  

At the event, Ms Grace Zozi, currently the National Project Coordinator for Ebrain forum of Zambia was elected as the Acting Chair Person for Zambia Telecentre Network taking over from Ms Mwika Kapasa, Munali Rsource Centre, Chair Person of the Zambia National Network and SATNET who is currently away on family issues.  Other Members intergrated as Steering Committee members are Shuko Chiwala from, Tigwirizane Women’s Project, Chipata whilst Paul Muwowo is now the national secretary.  Participants appreciated attending the training event, as it offered a rare opportunity to telecentre managers and network members capacity to participate effectively in knowledge sharing through the use of necessary tools. The workshop thus provided potential for the Zambia Telecentre Network not only to increase its service delivery outreach but also to expand its membership and project innovations in key social and economic sectors such as Agriculture.