Activities and projects implemented by InfoBridge Foundation are divided over three main programmes:

  1. Capacity development and Learning
  2. Applied Research and Development
  3. Knowledge Management and Innovation.

Capacity development and Learning

Building on the activities in the TeleSupport Capacity Building Programme of InfoBridge since 2002 this programme is focusing on training activities, institutional development and skills development of local partners in Africa and Asia, specifically those that are supporting underprivileged groups in rural and sub-urban areas. One of the present activities is the support partnership with the Community Outreach Programme of the Radboud University.

Applied Research for Development

Research will focus on two working fields:
1. Fair Wages and Fair Prices
2. Innovation and ICT as driving forces for development

Knowledge Management and Innovation

Knowledge sharing is one of the cornerstones for innovation in development. Our open access Share4Dev Knowledge Base has been set up for global information & knowledge sharing. In this programme InfoBridge will also work with partners on the development of innovative services for local communities in Africa and Asia.